Saving Money Fall Promo

Have you been wanting a new instrument? Time to celebrate because now you can get what you want with these savings!

Check out these promotions on new instruments.  We are offering various savings on TOC, VOC, Mercury and ICP instruments.  Not only are there savings on new instrument prices but many include additional savings - free autosampler, free traps, free or discounted consumable kits and much more.

If you are interested in a quote for one of these promotions, please fill out the form on the right and we will contact you shortly.


Save 15% plus a FREE Consumable Kit on the purchase of one of the following:

Fusion_sm Lotix_sm LSS Boat_sm
Fusion UV/Persulfate Lotix Combustion LSS Boat


Save 15% off the purchase of a new QuickTrace® M-7600 or QuickTrace® M-8000 as well as save 56% off a Consumable Kit.

TLL_M-8000 M-7600_sm
QuickTrace® M-8000 CVAF QuickTrace® M-7600 CVAA


Save 25% and get a FREE ASX-280 or ASX-560 Autosampler on the purchase of one of the following:

Prodigy7_with_flame ProdigyPlus_sm
Prodigy7 ICP ProdigyPlus ICP

VOC Purge and Trap

Save 15% and get 12 FREE Traps* with the purchase of an Atomx XYZ Multi-matrix VOC Sample Prep System. (*Choice of #9 U-Shaped or V-Carb 3000 Trap)

Atomx XYZ
Atomx XYZ Multi-matrix VOC Sample Prep System

Save 40% off the price of an AQUATek LVA Autosampler when purchased with a Lumin PTC.

AquaTek LVA_Lumin
Lumin PTC with
AQUATek LVA Autosampler

- Standard Terms & Conditions apply
- Direct Purchase Only
- These offers cannot be combined with any other offer.
- Offers valid in the USA only
- Promotion ends Dec. 30, 2021